How Lucky We Are

I’ve been so caught up with life lately that I haven’t made time to update anyone. I was given a lovely gift of a new macbook for Christmas which helped push me back into this blog. While downloading some office programs and checking my emails from my new computer tonight I received an email from WordPress and took that as the final sign to sit down and get after this. (I still have no idea what the email even entailed)

This time last year when we were celebrating Christmas, Jay was very ill. We weren’t entirely sure what was wrong at the time and would have to wait until after New Years before we learned of CKD. He was very pale and sort of yellowish in color due to the toxic blood running through his veins. I remember telling him,”there’s something wrong with you and I don’t know how to fix it”. We were so concerned that he was a diabetic, my friends father had just passed away due to cancer and I was trying to prevent both illnesses. Little did we know, that it was neither culprit and there was nothing we could do to stop it on our own.

Our Christmas this year was much quieter. It was just us 3 humans and one little dog. Pyper was pretty excited with her presents and eating smarties for breakfast and most of our day was consumed with watching her every move. For the first time in 29 years I didn’t care much about the presents for myself. I was so content with spending the day with my family and consuming some well prepared food. How lucky I was to have everything near and dear to me on Christmas day. For us, I believe Christmas came 4 months earlier than usual. Our Christmas commenced on August 14, when Jay received his new kidney and his second chance at life. I got to keep my best friend and Pyper got to keep her dad. No store bought gift will ever amount to that.

I have been coaching 5 days/week and Jay has been spending most of the day with Pyper. Being able to spend all day at home with your dad for many months is a privilege I can’t say I had as a child. Pyper learns so much from her Dad each day and I only hope she will inherit his brains (possibly his hair as well). I enjoy every evening at the arena. It is not just my job but my outlet and many times, my inspiration. Earning a living by doing what you love is an incredible thing and it is my love for the sport as well as some inspiring pupils, that keep me coming back each year. The Shaz (our nickname for Jay’s doctor) has given him the go ahead to return to work and he will do so in the New Year. The dosage of anti-rejection medication has decreased significantly since August but the medication is a permanent fixture in Jay’s daily routine. Each time the alarm goes off, Pyper reminds her Dad to take his pills. For the most part Train feels pretty fabulous. Some days he doesn’t feel good….just like the rest of us. There seems to be a few differences in his fine tunings these days. Most people that have ever had a serious injury, illness and/or major surgery would understand that you feel different, just not the same as you used to. But that is ok, you just continue moving forward, hoping to find the new “normal”.

The beard has been shaved and his contacts have been purchased – I guess that about makes Jay fit for duty. I will continue to coach until March or April, whenever our season may end. As for what happens after that, I unfortunately can’t tell you. It’s hard for me to plan too far ahead these days for you never know when your life might change in an instant.




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